The Orkla City Project aimed to build Orkla’s new headquarters in Skøyen, one of Oslo's neighboring hubs in Norway—Orkla is the biggest branded consumer goods company in the Nordic region. 

Inaugurated in March 2019, the Project set out with high environmental ambitions. The main difficulty was this: How to strike the ideal balance between thermal insulation and transparency of the building’s façade to maximize the comfort of users? 

In any glazed building, a common quandary met by many architects is how to keep the sun outside. Simply using dark glass to block it will not solve the problem, as it will prevent daylight in the winter, when it is most needed in Skøyen’s cold weather. 

Meet the Orkla City Project: a four experts combination

The architectural firm NSW Arkitektur and the facade engineer contractor Staticus had to find a solution that could meet all specific requirements of the Orkla City Project. That’s where eyrise® dynamic liquid crystal glazing came into the picture as a perfect partner. 

Do you want to know the details about the implementation of a dynamic glazing solution, combined with high performance? Find out the result of this unprecedented collaboration in our Use Case.

In this Use Case, you’ll find: 

  • a presentation of the Orkla City Project
  • the challenges and issues
  • the progress of deployment: focus on the Canteen Area
  • the results of the implementation of a Dynamic Glass Solution

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